Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Greatest Triumvirate

By Siesta-friendly

As triumvirates go, we had the best

The cardinal, the martyr’s wife, the people no less

We gave the world peaceful revolution

Gifted ourselves a new constitution

As cardinals go, ours was most involved

In our oppression and slumber, he helped us evolve

Into a powerful and faithful force

Behold the tanks and soldiers change their course

As housewives go, ours was most dutiful

Sacrificed her family and a life plentiful

She of courage, humility and grace

Lifted a people to another place

Sadly the people are the weakest link

Faltering, wavering, and teetering on the brink

Of morality, its decency cut

By greed, selfishness, when once it was not

The cardinal and the housewife remain

In memory now, but their lives have not been in vain

If only somehow we then could conspire

For God, the country as well each other.


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